Live! From My Dorm

by Govier

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didn't wanna wash my hands, give me a side of marzipan, wanna hear your shitty words, you never shared with no one else, then we can take a sip, of the melted ice. left his house forgot his key, just him and the dig named lucy. he walked his dog outside, pulled over to the park, ate some food, got a blanket out to lay, and look at the sky, but the weatherman called for RAIN RAIN RAIN RAIN RAIN RAIN RAIN YEAH, and it poured down on him, and it melted into his skin, and he couldn't find any, shelter from the clouds. went to look for an umbrella, but they don't go to people like him. so he went about his day, ignorant of the storm looming over his head, and the people surrounding him got really wet, and he didn't have a way to dry them off, and it was all his all his fault.
kick off your shoes, cmon hang loose, cause i really like you, and the things that you do i think you're really cool. i probably shouldnt have let you go back when we were inside. and if i get a chance again i'm gonna hold on so tight. stem after stem, i keep finding new friends, they're under the bed, and i really like you i think you're really cool. i probably shouldnt have let you go back when we were inside. x1000000
Lady White 01:48
just got back home, 4am wanna go to bed, get out a dollar, lady white is with me instead, gotta go to work, pass out in the grocery store line, can't even afford half of this steak shrimp and, wine and if i could i would probably buy it. buy it. bring it home for us, so we could eat it all. feelin a little stagnated, in this life, cause i dropped out, what the fuck do i even like, scraping by just so i'm not homeless, no new friends, cause i'm a hermit and that's the way i like it, i like it. maybe one day you can try it.
the photographs of her kids and loved ones, sincerely smiling, littered her desk, she didn't want current pictures or to deal with their issues, cause who would wanna be depressed, gazing at the glass it easy, when it's overflowing, without really knowing, how it came to be, that way, and one of the kids he's a martial arts prodigy, maybe he'll serve his country one day. go off to war and fight for his country, while his, apprehensive family, waits back at home and they feels so alone cause their kids are grown up now, and they've lost, touch now, with the people that used to make life worth living to them, driving home, she sees a, happy young couple, hand-in-hand, walking to their flat. untarnished perspective, winding objective, and unrelenting pair of youth and excitement, and they feel so enlightened, they say the world is your oyster, bon appetite. she's driving home now, looks at her phone now, and then looks, back at the road now, and how in the world did it come to this? feeling more lost, than an unwanted kiss or a cyst. she gets back home, opens the garage door, nobody's home, she falls to the floor, collapses in tears, from lonliness and fear, echoes from her emptiness could be heard from, miles away. a bird's eye view was all she could afford.
one man said to another, i don't wanna be lonely, tears of insecurity, rollin down his cheeks. but we all see it sometimes, i mean i do the same thing sometimes, but idk if i even know it's all mine. maybe someday you'll love me someday, cause i don't wanna be lonely. people wanna fuck you just to spite me, i don't want the dirty laundry.
cause ya live till ya die, so ya might as well try, to do what you want while ya can. cause one day you'll back, at the things that were, and you'll be an old man. cruisin the street since 1993, in an old white mercury cougar. she don't look that great, but she runs just fine, and she's always there when i need her. around 3am i pick up a pen, waiting for inspiration to come, but let's loosen up, pour up a cup, till my fears and aspirations are none. lost in a maze of a drunken charade, wheel spinning on a spoke. i know of this teacher, find him in the bleachers, cause he always knows a good joke. a few hours go by, watching the sky, and the moving screens in my room.
she wants to be, who they want her to be. and if she don't then she might fall. but she needs to. but she won't do. change his mind.
cause satisfaction is the brother of complacency, you'd better work real hard, to impress your mother. stay malcontent, and work towards a goal, that's way less than magnificent. if you accomplish it, people will be happy, standing ovations and family vacations for you. so keep your head down. and reach for the stars isn't that what you want? i'm not special i don't think that i am. and you probably aren't if you, think that you are. so just leave me alone. put your pants on like everyone else, adn try really hard to not get very far. sometimes you'll even surprise yourself. put the penny in the jar and just move on. you might fizzle out. you might not feel ok. watch your hole expand from a perched position, they say. and you might get hit by a drunk driver late, so if you want to accomplish something you might as well, do it today. don't fall into the pit of self doubt, cause i can assure you it's really hard to get out.
most people are born poor or they're, middle class, and not that many people are rich, and i don't know how to ask these questions, but i don't think that you have the answers anyway. most people don't do the right thing, and they probably don't think that they should have to. cause what do they owe to anyone they just wanna do things for themselves. and they don't want. to do things for other people. and they don't owe anything to anyone, cause it's their life. most people only wanna do the smallest amount of work, and i'm no exception to the rule. and i don't wanna do things that i don't have to do. clean your room and do the dishes for you and your family too and anyone else, they you might feel like you have to do things for. and i really to want to cross the street cause, people are lookin at me.
Jake the Cat 03:32
jake the cat he's really cute and he's, always tired. i love spending time with him, even though he chews my wires. he runs around the living room and he, gets on the fridge. he's tan and grey and he's super great to talk to and be with. and jake, i wish you could speak english. or at least broken spanish. cause then i could tell you how much your, friendship means to me. and i know you'd never let me down, or leave me with a frown. you're so reliable and i love you. with all my heart. wake up next to you sittin, on my lap, i guess you could call that a bonafide cat nap, i love every moment that i, i get with you, i hope we live forever yeah just me and you. cause jake the cat, you're really awesome and you're, really fuckin cool. love the way you live, with no fuckin rules. wanna be just like you when i get older. hopefully we'll be together until we die. jake the cat you're my kinda guy. jake the cat i really love you. jake the cat you're the most amazing person i've ever met. i hope we'll be together until the very end. and we'll never have to be apart. i just wanna squeeze you and love you. i don't ever wanna leave you.
they say things are heaven sent. and that's how i went. easy come and easy leave. can i help you roll up your sleeves? and you don't have to meant it. i hope i cant finally leave it. cause i feel so preoccupied. with things inside my mind. i don't think i can escape, my insides, i just need to catch my breath sometimes. so we're back to square one. one bad move and now we''re done. where did the time go? it moves fast when it should move slow. and it's just a one way mask of shame and, guilt. and i'm sorry not i'm not. i'm just sorry i ever knew you, and i'm sorry i had to go through you, maybe one day i can find the sunshine in all this rain, and maybe one day i can let you know it was all ok. like a guy who's just afraid to cry, i have to help it die.
the dinosaur in the lush green jungle, forest covered over his tracks. brachiosaurus was the type he was, i went ahead and figured you would ask. protecting his family with teeth and grit was never an easy feat, cause the earth is unbiased, survival of the fittest without people, buildings or streets. the gigantic herbivore lumbered his way around.
Lavista Road 03:01


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released April 16, 2015

Thanks Arturo for the drums on setting, setting, setting.


all rights reserved



Govier Cave Junction, Oregon

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