No More Frontiers

by Govier

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Tapes available thru Chromatic Aberration Records.


released September 27, 2019

Written, performed, recorded, produced, & mastered by Govier at Dead Fly Studio in Cave Junction, Oregon during the latter half of 2018 and the earlier half of 2019.


all rights reserved



Govier Cave Junction, Oregon

i like making the artwork as much as the music.

my e-mail is

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Track Name: Jedi Mind Trick
my parents overall did a good job raising me
there were a few thrown punches between and my dad
but he gave the endeavor all that he had
he took me to falcons games at the dome
and braves games when they were playing at home
my favorite player was andrew jones

this was back when michael vick was still electrifying fans
in a falcons jersey
and i bit into a foot long ballpark frank and lost some of my first teeth
and dominique wilkins can you hear the boos
as josh smith throws up another brick
we would pirate better seats than we could afford
and make eye contact with the usher when we scored
my dad always called this calculated act
a jedi mind trick

heading to turner field on a tuesday night
cause the nosebleed tickets
were a two for one deal on tuesday nights
we would park the four runner and slam a few beers
with an acquaintance or two
and we would slowly meander to the stadium
one night within earshot a group of four
were discussing robbing us
i was twelve and oblivious
but my dad turned around and pugnaciously threatened
to beat them up.
his physical presence was threatening enough but
who knows what could have happened
Track Name: Buscemi Doggy Man
buscemi is the best doggy man
runs around the house and pees on whatever he can
think i saw him catch that moth he’s afraid of that mouse
maybe if he gets better reflexes
he can catch flies in his mouth

buscemi you’re the greatest ever dog
buscemi you’re the
greatest dog i’ve seen
it’s not even that close
you’re the greatest dog i’ve seen

runs around the house and leaves little dust tracks
licks up the grease and puts his nose in his ass
licks his pooper once he’s done taking a deuce
maybe I should do the same
and save a buck or two
on toilet paper


and i promise i won’t forget to shut that door
and don’t run away anymore
cause you’re the greatest dog i’ve seen little man
Track Name: Mother's Day
the first time i used a weed whacker was when i moved to oregon
and a lawn mower too
lived in the suburbs in my youth
and my mom would’ve rather
had hired a kid that was my age
than have her baby cut his leg
on a one and a half foot blade
never got my hands dirty
moved to the city with my girl when i was twenty
and the country with her a few years later

now i use a weed whacker every week
when the seasons ask it of me
and i even know exactly what a two by four is
hands sprinkled with callouses

and my mom sends me pictures of her garden
cause she knows i’ll appreciate the fact
that she’s got the same interests as me
since our worlds have begun to drift
and no i’m not bitter it’s just what it is

it’s mother’s day next week
my card should be there a little early
i hope she gets a good laugh when she cracks open the card
cause it makes light of the way
she’s a relatively recent divorcee
but she’s working hard on her nine to five
making sure everyone’s staying alive

they’re coming here later this year
we can go to the river
crack open some beers
while she holds her new grandkid
what a birthday present that’ll be for both of us
Track Name: Chocolate and Cherries
i’ve reached the pinnacle of loneliness in my thoughts
gonna put em on a shelf till the expiration’s passed and they rot

the move across the country’s one i’m glad that i did
but there’s still family and friends that i miss
i’ve forged new ones here
and i’ve been with my wife for five years
but i miss my mother and sisters’ touch

our limited time on earth is what makes this shit exciting
strip all that away and the thrill’s much less enticing
it’s going, going, going away faster than you can say
hey wait let’s slow down this train
cause i like the scenery we’re flying by right now
i don’t wanna be on one of them bullet trains in london

it’s going, going gone

every time i figure out what i want the moment’s gone
Track Name: No More Frontiers
i got fungus on my shoulder
from not washing myself enough
and i got tendonitis in the same arm
from playing guitar too much
cause cooking in is more satisfying than
going out so pull up a chair
and give us something interesting to talk about
cause i got stories to share
and you can tell me about who you talk to
over coffee when your local acquaintance is outta town

and we can realize
yeah we can realize
that there ain’t no more frontiers to run away to
cause we can settle down eventually
but for now we're floating leaves
and we ain’t got no more frontiers to run away to

and you can explain to me
the existential questions i had
after reading animal farm and the world without us
cause you indulge me in conversations
sometimes that you might prefer to not participate in
so pull up a chair
give us something interesting to talk about
till we’ve got no more frontiers to run away to
cause i got stories to share
and you can tell me about your latest healthy changes
to hopefully extend your life

and we can realize
yeah we can realize
that there ain't no more frontiers to run away to
cause we can settle down eventually
but for now we’re drifting wood in the pacific
and we’ve got no more frontiers to run away to
Track Name: Profound Experience
when i first arrived to the siskiyou mountains
from the familiar tug of scranton pennsylvania
i was hedged behind the confines of
industrial blue collar work
so i put on a different shirt
the one i put on wasn’t blue but brown
fit in with my friends in town
and i got nitrile gloves and scissors
so i could go to work

and i let a profound experience wash over me.
and in an instant my entire future changed drastically.
i let a profound experience wash over me

when i first got here from the corn fields of iowa
i used to put on my makeup
and do my hair before i went to work
i was a loquacious bar-tender
didn’t know how to change a tire or cook
met my boyfriend out here at a music festival
lived on my friends land in a quaint cabin
and i had never knew that this would eventually
be my dream
now i’m glad i took the road that i travelled

i let a profound experience wash over me
and for an instant i could
see things a little more clearly
i let a profound experience wash over me.

on my travels out here i happened across a couple
from atlanta
the guy said he was on a homeostasis expedition
i said
what exactly do you mean by that
the reply was something that I can’t quite remember today
so i’ll paraphrase
it was about being able to find joy in the small things
and opening up your soul to little slivers of clarity
and letting profound experiences wash over you
Track Name: Falling Apart
and it feels like we’re falling apart
i should have known better.

(i’m drifting)
Track Name: Curtains Close
when the curtains close
and the music’s faded
will you be satisfied with what you’ve created

will you leave a lasting impression
on those eager faces waiting
in attendance

cause every time i feel my heartbeat
it’s my body’s brazen way of telling me
that life’s more fickle
than a quarter-inch thick icicle
dangling in forty degree sunshine
facing south
Track Name: Pressure Washer
i’m still looking down at the top of the dirt
barely but it’s still there
that’s how this older guy responded to me
when i asked him how he was doing
earlier this year

cause he had recently had
a massive heart attack
and he didn’t know if he was gonna come back
and i’m pretty sure his major artery
was like ninety percent blocked
he had a pacemaker
and it was hard for him to stand up
but he still decided to come out
and even lend us tools when we needed help
yeah he still decided to come out and lend us tools
when we needed help

put down that pressure washer man
you don’t need it in your hand
take a seat on the bed of my truck
i can bring you water and stuff
i wanna make sure you’re ok
and i’ll meet you at your house in your driveway
and give you back your tools and pressure washer
that you lent me for the day
yeah i’ll give you back your tools and pressure washer
that you lent me
for the day

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