Hermit Crab

by Govier

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yoon mark kozelek voice + alex g instrumentals + rlly good lofi stuff from atlanta Favorite track: Hermit Crab.
Danny Keyes
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Danny Keyes Good tunes a great sophmore LP Favorite track: Said You Were.
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released September 4, 2015

Shouts out to Arturo Principe for the drums on the song hermit crab.


all rights reserved



Govier Cave Junction, Oregon

i like making the artwork as much as the music.

my e-mail is malcolmgovier@gmail.com.

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Track Name: Posters
take down the posters when you leave,
i don't want people to see them.
Landon Donovan on the Galaxy.
and David Beckham laying on the bed.

I'll paint a new picture for you.
decrepit and tattered are the old ones.
you can hang it where you want to.
i'm not gonna be around forever.
Track Name: Pink Tile
my nature pink tile is my only friend.
i would leave her i don't need her shit.
but i know i'd come crawling back again.
her name is roxy doxy oxy foxy clammy clammy clam,
and i don't think you'd like her and i think i'd understand.

my sacred box petal is my only friend.
i would leave her i dont need her shit.
but i know i'd come crawling back again.
her name is flower coward howard sour clammy clammy clam.
and i don't think you'd like her,
and i think i'd understand.
Track Name: Caving
pass me a plate and then lets talk.
i wanna get inside that beautiful brain of yours you won't let,
anyone touch with a stick.

and i wish that you would be more open,
cry at sad movies or maybe give me a telling look.

cause i built a wall inside myself.
i don't know how to tear it down.
i lost the blueprint,
back when i was six.

so i hope you brought you climbing gear,
and various sticks of dynamite,
vamanos lets go caving,
into the bleak night.
Track Name: Said You Were
driving my camry down 85,
homeless guy meets my eyes,
adjust my mirror.
pretend i don't see him there,
cause i don't have anything to offer him.

i wanna see you tonight so lets hang out,
drink some liq, go to far, puke it up.
in the morning we acn drink some cokes to settle our stomachs.

or alkaseltzer or something whatever.

walking around your neighborhood makes me feel nostalgic,
about a past that seems so close i can smell its
overpowering perfume.

when it feels like the demons are killing the innocence,
i take comfort in knowing your missing it.

lets go back where you said you were.
Track Name: Don't Pick Me Up
oh my bad.
feeling like a shade of topaz i saw on your wrist,
from across the room.
and things are easy,
when you're feeling queasy and,
things are in full bloom,
life feels like a beautiful room,
with a soothing feng shui
play me a tune.
while i lay on the couch,
don't pick me up.

oh my god.
you took the test with the scantron,
i saw on your wrist from across the room.
and i have a neighbor,
who makes his paper by,
selling green,
i get it for free,
if you come with me,
i can hook you up.
Track Name: Cuts
you pulled over in the road,
once you saw my car,
got out,
walked up to my window,
and i cried really hard.
less than what i want,
more than i got,
about what i bargained for.
memory caught in the door.

if you don't want to shout my name,
i promise we don't give a fuck.
the things we saw on the curtain,
i just want to make it certain.
maybe buy you some flowers,
gardenias they smell nice.
help me clean up my bruises,
and my cuts.
Track Name: Hermit Crab
i'm a hermit crab strolling on the ocean floor and i,
feel real bad,
the rock i used to live under floated away and i,
feel real sad.
my family left me,
so i just stay inside my,
small orange shell.
my friends tell me that i shouldn't be so reclusive and they,
give me plankton.

i ate the plankton up then i smoked up some drums cause i'm,
always nervous.
sometimes i paint pictures of my house to help curb my,
persistent anxiety.
i'm afraid of fucking up my future and making,
dumb mistakes.
i don't wanna disappoint nobody i'm just a,
hermit crab.
Track Name: Burn, Burn, Burn
and the burn, was done.
5 minutes after it started.
and i know it's fine,
five minutes after you're gone.

and the burn, was done.
twenty minutes after it started.
and i know it's fine,
twenty minutes after you're gone.
Track Name: Piano Song
help me up i feel down.
from all the people standing around.
feel like a stranger in my home.
you're my friend so i'll be honest with you.

milk these moments hold them so sweet.
you never know when you'll taste defeat.
the top of the jar is sealed and new.
open it or give me a clue.
Track Name: Cutie Pi
contemplative little blonde haired girl,
if you want to pursue something,
in this world.

i know you can it's ok to be scared,
just remember your vision,
and don't stop there.

outside jogging down the two-way street,
a worn soccer ball rolls under my feet,
and i stop to play with my neighbor's dog,
i don't remember what he's called.

handshakes and smiles dinner party time,
i'm glad i could convince you that i felt fine,
the only way i could stomach that no pun intended,
was when i was smashed.

i wanna lock my feelings in my thoughts,
make you feel good and then i'll stop,
inside a stream and i can't get out,
some sad self portrait with a frowny mouth.

just when you had it all in your hand,
it crumbles before you can squeeze it again.
but i'm glad that i could make you mine,
3.15 you're my cutie pie.

the air one my arm is freezing cold,
i wonder when i'm 45 if i'll feel old,
but i don't care,
who gives a fuck,
who has the bowl,
puff, puff, puff, puff

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