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by Govier

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Fuckin Ride 02:56
I was born in a small rented santa cruz house. baby clothes strewn across the fake wood floor. ambition is easy when youth is on your side, but i'm playin' a game of red rover. so come on over. and take me on your fuckin' ride. so pack up your bags, suitcases, and trailers. we'll take all the help we can get. just don't get pulled over in texas. that open container will get you in trouble with that overzealous state trooper. so take me on your fuckin' ride.
Orange Juice 02:40
hey what's the commotion about, thought I left it out on the counter. i know the way you don't check the expiration date and it was sour. on my way to work I saw you sitting on your favorite bench, cigarettes and chess, every single minute every hour of everyday for you was the fuckin' best. hey what's the commotion about, thought i had you in my sights. that rash on my leg was from the way my jacket rubbed it, you were right. looking at the microscope i thought i saw diamonds shining, and made a big fuss. you picked up the slide, wiped it off, laughed and said it was dust. (i could really use some orange juice)
feelin' kinda insecure well maybe not sure. lock me up in your suitcase with the padlock. and my numbers there in my slumber with the moss and the frogs. chickens and hogs do you hear that thunder? don't accept my blunder. i'd like a second chance a mulligan from france. may i have this dance? can i take your hand?
Leaves 02:09
it's not easy having to spend each day, as the color of the leaves, when it's easier to be red sprawled out on the bed. watch it blossom watch it wilt, watch it turn from stone to silt, on setting suns, we viewed from our georgia red clay cliffs.
Lucy goes under the fence yeah. she don't care and she needs breath mints yeah. lucy goes under the fence like a soccer player. lucy goes back inside. and she wants to hang out with mickey, like he is her guide. and so she, she yawns her big wide mouth open. and then she wants to walk inside, and take a spin like a soccer player. oh lucy oh lucy oh lucy-kins.
Lonely Trip 02:24
it's a lonely trip to the liquor store, on a hot, damp saturday night. my windshield wipers don't really work. they just smear the water into my eyes, i would ask you to dance. but i know that i can't. it's just as good to watch you glide. there's a man upstairs painting on a canvas, when i look i just see red lights.
Box Petals 03:10
the box sat in the road. withered and stepped on. by the cars flying by. young people they were invincible. hey baby i need your help. i need your structure and confidence in me. i'm sorry that i'm dumb, i wish i was better at explaining. put down the opiate flowers. it's easier, you're not encumbered. watch them flourish before your eyes. euphoria. ecstacy. weakened by stress and age, the petals dried and fell on the ground.
Predator 02:30
i am the moment when you wake up from a dream. i am the shimmering light in your eye of life's gleam. take me out, let me in. help me out, tell me how. to understand life and move forward. i am the easy one that gets picked off by the predator, and i don't know how to speed up to save my own life. chased me and caught me, threw me in the refrigerator. my shrill screams didn't even make you stir. i am the congealing moss on your refrigerator. i am the grape that gets stuck and rolls under. i and the tire that gives out on the highway, and forces you to, look up on google how to change your own tire.
grab your chance, otherwise, time won't wait, it always flies. life just keeps flashing before your eyes. so live it up, idealize. don't stop to compromise. life just keeps flashing before your eyes. everyday a new sunrise, cauliflower clouds and starry skies. life is just flashing before your eyes. life's right there in front of your eyes. cherries in a bowl to satisfy. your thirst for life will not run dry, i said life keeps flashing before your eyes. well just to philosophize, between two eternities I realize, my life is flashing before my eyes. it's just a dream, and my advice, is don't neglect, and have a nice, have a nice life flash before your eyes. have a good life flash before your eyes.


Written, recorded, produced, and mastered in Atlanta, Georgia by Malcolm Govier.

Thanks to Arturo Principe for writing the guitar on 'Like a soccer player.' 'Life is flashing before your eyes' is an interpretation of the song by Vince Collins and Lewis Motisher.


released March 18, 2016


all rights reserved



Govier Cave Junction, Oregon

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