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Little Falls

by Govier

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JoeyZeed I love all of Govier's stuff. It's a really chill and upbeat vibe and really makes me think when I sit down and listen. Forever a fan. Favorite track: Spot of Yellow.
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I found a spot of yellow in a sea of green nestled in amongst the needles and leaves and the woodpecker lives in the cedar tree casting a shadow on the ground beneath and the earth absorbs everything as she eats reclines and ponders what she will bequeath The woodpecker excavates more wood and we part ways the forest sways exhales passing days I found a spot of yellow in a sea of green verdancy sings and calves are conceived by the cows that graze lazily by the creek casting a shadow on the mud beneath and the mood appears as his cousin recedes speckling a spot of yellow and green And we embrace and then part ways begin new days the tall grass sways exhales passing days
Watching the oak tree bleed Yellow and golden leaves Now rains fill up the creeks Goodbye to insects and the bees Summer is over summer is over Watchin grazin geese leave Dot the horizon in from of me As they fly they make a V they’ll come back in late spring Summer is over it’s gettin colder Seize the time when weathers fine and Spend it with the trees Moments everlasting with The heather and the weeds The nascent unknown before us As we drift unseen Wastes thoughts cloud your mind But when seasons change don’t get left behind. And you know that I melt when you look at me that way. And your sight is gone. Stuck in yesterday
Hey little daisy (the serpentine soils) would you think I’m crazy if I wanted to take you home with me repot you in some clay Care for you and give you All the things you like Little Siskiyou daisy I’ll make you mine Hey little daisy would you think in crazy I’ve got a nice spot for you in the kitchen on a window sill And the igneous rocks that birthed you could’ve just as easily killed you   But ever since I’ve taken you home I’ve noticed a change  Though I know you haven’t grown how you wanted to since I took you home you haven’t grown how you wanted to and it hurts me to know you haven’t grown how you wanted to Though I know I’m gonna end up killin' you
Summer Days 02:07
Summer days Summer days Are here again So let's head down to the rocks take all out clothes off go swimmin' in the river till we can't remember where and we evaporate our cares in wisps of blown up chalk and they'll converge with the asphalt as they're carried by an easterly wind until they're 57 miles from here where sunsets thaw frozen fears we're clinking glasses and sayin' cheers and then a warm pillow beneath your ears
Downshifting 03:04
I found a west coast bird guide while cleaning out my grandpas old truck. It was covered in mold like everything else cause I hadn’t driven the car enough and it had some sort of leak. Well it smelled like rot and damp hay it smelled like an Oregon winter day it felt like the first week in April when the suns peekin' out over a clouds shoulder and I went inside to see my wife and my beautiful baby girl And thought about the the birds my late grandpa saw with the book Well I didn’t know him well at all but it’s ok cause very few of us did But the car he left me is an 05 stick shift The first time I drove it was a 5 hour drive from Portland stalled out in traffic Now it’s the car I drive around like he did workin the same gears cruising down the 199 up and downshifting Down down down shifting From 5 to 4 and I’m down down down shifting from 4 to 3 and i'm Down down down shifting
Watching the seals in the port And the fisherman come and go Another season of shrimping On the Oregon coast Walkin' the boardwalk and the mist and the bobbing to and fro Well you’re feelin' lucky You know let’s get away from it all Where rocks and waves fall away from it all Watching the workers in the field And the trucks come and go Another harvest the rain close to the Oregon coast I heard that you’ll visit I have a friend Whose farm needs some help I know you need work but Let’s go and get away from it all
Little Falls 01:42
walked in the shadow of the rain Just me and the wind Navigating where the sheets would land gentle nudge of time pushing the sand Threw a pebble in the creek just to watch it land walked in the shadow of the trees just me and the wind Cool touch of breeze  caressing my skin Walk through the shadows me so I don’t melt Walk through the shadows with me and we’ll reciprocate help.
Oh No 03:25
Muttered conversations in overcrowded grocery store lines between middle aged divorcees about how there’s a heat wave and should they move or should they stay  Either way you might not get the answer that you seek Even if you wait a thousand weeks Till the rivers turn to creeks I’ll wait Been five years since I moved here when I first came I thought I’d leave within a few years but now I’m glad I stayed got no plans to move away  Through the laughter and the chokes  About how powerless we can be It can happen suddenly  Snap your fingers one two three It can make it hard to breathe oh no 
When we first pulled up to where we were stayin we went to the bed we would lay in And looked at the hills and the way the green and tan intersect Where the irrigation meets death And the cars look like little specks And on the mountainside you can see I-5 I wanna see how it looks at night Watch headlights dance across in lines Bringing seeking souls Where they think they need to go  Have you ever have you ever wondered About the gentle sail of the evaporation after a rain and the hues of life and death and the way they can bend shapes The nails in the new fence oxidized and turned brown Like the blade of the saw I found when we moved in layin on the ground And it’s been a few years since you've moved here by now And it’s been a few weeks since you had your kid what a happy accident Isn’t plan b like 93 percent effective in the first 24 hours? she must’ve really wanted to be here And I know you won’t have as much free time as before but for you my house is always always always an open door


Recorded to cassette tape on a Marantz PMD 720 and a Tascam 488 at Dead Fly Studio in Cave Junction, Oregon. Album art by Patrick Meyer.


released August 1, 2022

Ryan Shrode- Bass on tracks 2, 6, 7, 8, and 10.


all rights reserved



Govier Cave Junction, Oregon

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